Scheduling Analyst, CS Workforce Management

Netflix, Inc

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The Scheduling analyst is responsible for ensuring agents are scheduled appropriately to meet customer demand.  In this role, you’ll create schedule shells that align with contact arrival patterns across multiple support channels and allocate those schedules across a vast vendor network to be filled.  You’ll need to account for the seasonality of volumes, unique labor laws and restrictions, different time zones and work patterns to be successful. This role works closely with capacity planning and operations to ensure agents are scheduled to work at the right times.


  • Develop, administer and maintain schedules and other resource planning outputs across multiple sites, languages, channels and partners, while ensuring the reliability and quality of underlying data.

  • Measure and incorporate appropriate schedule shrinkage, inflexibility, and other real-life factors influencing staffing against forecast requirements.

  • Ensure agent schedules are aligned to the contact arrival patterns of the customer, accounting for seasonality, multi-channel capabilities, schedule inefficiencies and unique market nuances and labor laws.

  • Identify and execute against opportunities to optimize operational metrics through creative scheduling analysis and recommendations.

  • Work with our internal and BPO partners, ensuring we are operating in the most efficient manner possible while creating a foundation through resource planning that ensures we’re delivering short wait times

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