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It is time for you to join us to show the world that we are the company that is coming to change paradigms, where we revolutionize hours, minutes and seconds. Because in Rappi WE SEE OPPORTUNITIES where others see problems. WE SEE CLOSENESS where others see distance. WE SEE ADRENALINE where others see pressure. Join a team where we are all capable of EVERYTHING, where we all have the same opportunities regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, age, disability, training or experience. We are waiting for you! Misión del puesto Estructurar y manejar bases de datos, analizar los datos de estas bases para generar indicadores y alertas de riesgos internos y externos. Roles and responsibilities Modelado de bases de datos Desarrollo de sentencias SQL Análisis de datos Desarrollo de indicadores Requisitos: Un año en administración de bases de datos. Un año en operaciones de TI Formación académica en Ingeniería en sistemas preferente, o carreras afines a Desarrollo y Análisis de datos Conocimiento básico de arquitectura de sistemas y servicios, conocimiento de web services. Additional Information Software: Administración de bases de datos (MySQL, SQLServer) Power BI Snowflake Excel AWS G Suite Idiomas: Inglés (deseable) Competencias: Orientación a resultados Pensamiento analítico Trabajo en equipo Toma de decisiones Worker type: Regular Work Model: Rappi is a Latin -American company and te first SuperApp in the region. It was founded in 2015 by Simón Borrero, Sebastian Mejia and Felipe Villamarin and today is present in 9 countries and more than 200 cities. We are a young Latin American team of technology entrepreneurs with a mission to drive progress in our region through our platform for digital commerce. We know the future of Latin America can be made far brighter with technology that connects people to solutions. For us, Rappi is not just a's a movement for economic progress.
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